Friday, March 20, 2009

California and now the Netherlands!

I am SO fortunate that I go to just the perfect school for me. Creighton allows me to travel all over the world. Like today. I'm leaving for the Netherlands. NETHERLANDS!!! WOOO!!!

Here are some much-belated pics of my spring breakker down in Cali to see the lil. I miss her already. Heck, who am I kidding? I missed her the moment I left. She'll be coming up here either for graduation or before I leave to hop across the pond.

Today I head off for a week long conference at The Hague. I'll be representing CU in this charming Model UN thing sponsored by Harvard. 3000 crazy uni students from around the world. :) :)

On the Cambridge front, two of the previous recipients contacted me the other day. Yesterday. Cheers! I'm learning more, like: I will indeed be living somewhere. And Cambridge likes vegetarians. 

Not sure if they'll like me, though. Best be working on my accent now ;)

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