Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hello from sunny California! That's me and the lil bro five years ago, surfin. Sorta. Freezing, more likely.

So I just realized the cooing noise coming from the corner isn't a cat purring- it's my lil brother. I didn't know sleeping humans could do that.

Sleeping humans... that's what I'm currently surrounded by. While in Cali, I decided to pop over and see my pops. It's been I think over two years. Funny how time gets away from us. So my lil sis is stretched out asleep on the across-the-living-room-hammock-net-house pops has made (he's an artist. It's a second level made out of ropes) and my bro is crashed on the little matress-ontop-of-boards. I got the foam-mat on the floor.

We're trekking down to the coast today to see what we can see. Cross your fingers for me. I'm honestly a bit apprehensive. My pops and I aren't very close, and things sometimes get tense... but if I'm leaving for England, I suppose I should see him before disappearing for two years. Not to mention he is family, and I do love him.

And hey, the beach! Mm. Beach.

Not to mention, pops has an orange tree in his backyard. I've been a happy orange-juice glutton for the last hour or so. Brekkie (isn't that a British term?) was cereal and orange. Lunch, I'm sure, will contain orange. Orange orange orange. Mmm.


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