Friday, March 20, 2009

California and now the Netherlands!

I am SO fortunate that I go to just the perfect school for me. Creighton allows me to travel all over the world. Like today. I'm leaving for the Netherlands. NETHERLANDS!!! WOOO!!!

Here are some much-belated pics of my spring breakker down in Cali to see the lil. I miss her already. Heck, who am I kidding? I missed her the moment I left. She'll be coming up here either for graduation or before I leave to hop across the pond.

Today I head off for a week long conference at The Hague. I'll be representing CU in this charming Model UN thing sponsored by Harvard. 3000 crazy uni students from around the world. :) :)

On the Cambridge front, two of the previous recipients contacted me the other day. Yesterday. Cheers! I'm learning more, like: I will indeed be living somewhere. And Cambridge likes vegetarians. 

Not sure if they'll like me, though. Best be working on my accent now ;)

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hello from sunny California! That's me and the lil bro five years ago, surfin. Sorta. Freezing, more likely.

So I just realized the cooing noise coming from the corner isn't a cat purring- it's my lil brother. I didn't know sleeping humans could do that.

Sleeping humans... that's what I'm currently surrounded by. While in Cali, I decided to pop over and see my pops. It's been I think over two years. Funny how time gets away from us. So my lil sis is stretched out asleep on the across-the-living-room-hammock-net-house pops has made (he's an artist. It's a second level made out of ropes) and my bro is crashed on the little matress-ontop-of-boards. I got the foam-mat on the floor.

We're trekking down to the coast today to see what we can see. Cross your fingers for me. I'm honestly a bit apprehensive. My pops and I aren't very close, and things sometimes get tense... but if I'm leaving for England, I suppose I should see him before disappearing for two years. Not to mention he is family, and I do love him.

And hey, the beach! Mm. Beach.

Not to mention, pops has an orange tree in his backyard. I've been a happy orange-juice glutton for the last hour or so. Brekkie (isn't that a British term?) was cereal and orange. Lunch, I'm sure, will contain orange. Orange orange orange. Mmm.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Headed for Cali!

I leave in exactly some amount of hours for the big, warm, promising edge  state that is California! 

My lil lives there. Long story short (and private story remaining private), my lil sis and I are extremely close. My mom's death, and all the crazy tribulations that came after it, made us  connect in a whole new way. She's my best friend, my baby sister, the love of my life...

Well! Gush gush, I haven't seen her since LAST SUMMER. The day I got into Cambridge, I booked a plane ticket to Fresno. It was the best reward I could have bought for myself.

So I'm off today! Tonight, actually, although I was confused and misread the plane ticket and thought it said last night (please don't take away the scholarship, Cambridge. I really am smart sometimes. Sort of. When there are books involved. .. ish. :P )

Midterms are done, stress is done, and personal things are all confused. Boys complicate situations, especially when I am leaving in five months for another country filled with crumpets, tea and hopefully vegetarian Indian food.

Speaking of... four crazy faculty/staff here from the big ol' University are insisting on hosting my graduation party. I think the theme is going to be British. Any tips? 

I ate oat bran and oats this morning, with coconut extract and coconut flakes on top. I like to call that a lil lot bit of heaven. Mmmmmm... 


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Look ma, no hands!

See the title? That's my sense of humor. I think that's funny.

Let me paraphrase: I am not a very funny girl, but I certainly do crack myself up. Writing this third post (in two days!) makes me feel like I'm doing some sort of magic trick. I'm committing! I'm typing! I ... well, am probably on some sort of energy surge that will trail off soon, but no matter!

So here I am, eatin my oatbran and oatmeal (mmm... def a fav), typin. I work at the Yoga studio today at 9, then I'm headin off to Gender Communications (where we learn to talk to men? Jesus, help me...) and work.

My friends are hostin a lil we're-leaving-for-spring-break, Nae's-leavin-for-Cali-Wed party tonight. I'm not really much of a partier, which I think shows itself in the fact I usually stay in, curled with a book and maybe a friend or two. But tonight promises to be fun. Janga, Twister, and of course friend time.

So off I go to live this busy life! My goodness, I am happy.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Round two!

Alright. So far, I'm failing at this. As in, I've done one post. Just one.

The thing is, I've written around thirty in my head. I keep thinking 'wow, that would be something interesting to note', or 'hey, I really should document what happened today'... then I realize that what happened today was a lot of small, random bits of me-being-awkward (common), and I lose my motivation. :)

Guess the moral of the story is I need to think less, type more. Which can be dangerous... sort of like talking in your sleep.

On the Cambridge front, nothing really new has happened. Creighton, my lovely university (which I really do adore, honestly and sincerely), has ... eh... enjoyed the PR of this scholarship. Me? Not quite so much. I never want to be a celebrity. Or even kind of famous. Keep me in the back corners or the creepy-cat-lady houses and I think I'll stay happy. I've done tons of interviews for local publications, even Omaha's newspaper. The yoga studio hung up a cut out on their board.

Something interesting has happened since winning the scholarship (aside from my brief, and nerd-related stint into infamy)... I've lost most motivation to do schoolwork. Given my semester is filled with Beginning Tennis, Weightlifting, and Gender Communications, that really isn't a huge problem. It's just... interesting. I want to be around people! Social academic? Nonsense.

I made my friend Oatbran and Oatmeal this morning. It got two thumbs up and one 'forgot how filling this stuff was'. :)

I'll try to post more. Especially as I'm starting to chat with some other bloggers. It's only fair: if I'm creeping on their life, they should be able to creep on mine.