Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Look ma, no hands!

See the title? That's my sense of humor. I think that's funny.

Let me paraphrase: I am not a very funny girl, but I certainly do crack myself up. Writing this third post (in two days!) makes me feel like I'm doing some sort of magic trick. I'm committing! I'm typing! I ... well, am probably on some sort of energy surge that will trail off soon, but no matter!

So here I am, eatin my oatbran and oatmeal (mmm... def a fav), typin. I work at the Yoga studio today at 9, then I'm headin off to Gender Communications (where we learn to talk to men? Jesus, help me...) and work.

My friends are hostin a lil we're-leaving-for-spring-break, Nae's-leavin-for-Cali-Wed party tonight. I'm not really much of a partier, which I think shows itself in the fact I usually stay in, curled with a book and maybe a friend or two. But tonight promises to be fun. Janga, Twister, and of course friend time.

So off I go to live this busy life! My goodness, I am happy.

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