Monday, May 18, 2009

Washington, Doha, Cambridge!

I'm going to Doha! Which, as many of you may not know, is a large mass of land off the edge of Saudi Arabia. I applied for a journalism internship there working with Abode magazine... and unexpectedly enough, I got it.

So why not? Doha, here I come.

I leave in two weeks.

Wednesday I'm trucking out to Washington to meet the Davies-Jackson committee. We're lunching at the Cosmos Club (which apparently has amazing vegetarian options, nomnom!) and then I'm free to explore. DC, also, here I come.

Things have been a bit weird around here lately. It's hard trying to go on with daily life realizing every second that you'll be leaving all these people soon. My best friends, my closest buddies, my mentors and even my lil sister Leia... I can't imagine what it will be like with them here and me not.

On the bright side, B and K got me a camera as a graduation gift (graduated Saturday! Class of 200-this-ceremony-is-really-long-my-god-so-many-names-but-I-LOVE-JAYS!-9), so expect tons of pictures. Doha, DC, concerts, friends, all that and more!

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