Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 1: The discovery

I promised myself that if I got accepted, I would start blogging.

Well today, I got accepted.

Two years, full ride scholarship, Cambridge University. In exactly some number of months, I'll be flying from the big O (meaning Omaha, Nebraska) to Cambridge.

I don't even know where to begin. Tea? Hats? Crumpets? Where will I do yoga? Where will I wear my Husker shirts? I own any husker shirts?

K called me at work to tell me the big news. I don't remember the specifics. I screamed (later termed squeel by fellow co-workers), fell to the ground, jumped a lot, screamed/squeeled more, and proceeded to sprint on over to the Dean's office. Commence much excitement and more screaming.

Now I'm all screamed out, but still pretty darn excited. Careful, Cambridge, cause this girl is ready to go! time to watch some Harry Potter and get excited about the buildings in a whole new way.
(the picture isn't mine. I don't own a camera. On that note, I am terrible behind the camera. I once made my photography teacher gasp in horror and declare 'oh, no'... but those stories are for a better time. This pic is courtesy of Thanks!)