Thursday, March 5, 2009

Headed for Cali!

I leave in exactly some amount of hours for the big, warm, promising edge  state that is California! 

My lil lives there. Long story short (and private story remaining private), my lil sis and I are extremely close. My mom's death, and all the crazy tribulations that came after it, made us  connect in a whole new way. She's my best friend, my baby sister, the love of my life...

Well! Gush gush, I haven't seen her since LAST SUMMER. The day I got into Cambridge, I booked a plane ticket to Fresno. It was the best reward I could have bought for myself.

So I'm off today! Tonight, actually, although I was confused and misread the plane ticket and thought it said last night (please don't take away the scholarship, Cambridge. I really am smart sometimes. Sort of. When there are books involved. .. ish. :P )

Midterms are done, stress is done, and personal things are all confused. Boys complicate situations, especially when I am leaving in five months for another country filled with crumpets, tea and hopefully vegetarian Indian food.

Speaking of... four crazy faculty/staff here from the big ol' University are insisting on hosting my graduation party. I think the theme is going to be British. Any tips? 

I ate oat bran and oats this morning, with coconut extract and coconut flakes on top. I like to call that a lil lot bit of heaven. Mmmmmm... 


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