Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hello Doha!

I am in Doha!

After 26 hours of a'travellin, I finally arrived. Three different flights, three different airports, a whole lot of free diet coke and some serious airport food (vegetarian meals, oh yum!) resulted in just one darn fantastic trip.

On the first six hour trek,  I was next to an old, wide-eyed, glasses-wearing grampa who just blinked all confusedly, didn't speak a word of English, and woke me up every time the pilot made some sort of announcement. He also gave my shoulders a brisk rub as though to say 'this my granddaughter, rubrub night!' type of thing. I think perhaps he didn't quite understand certain things. Or personal space. He did share his gum though, which was a bit of a small life save.

Bryce and Tessa (Editors of Abode Magazine!) met me and Kathleen at the airport. We were shuttled through security and into a small waiting lounge, where we enjoyed some Coca Light. The cans were tiny, the lids different, but the taste? Still delish, especially after so much travel.

Now I'm leeching internet from someone else's room and sitting in my home-for-three-months. It's really a nice apartment. Big and airy, with a half-stocked kitchen (yogurt, here I come!)

Suppose I should try to go to bed now. But bed is overrated. Doha awaits. Abode awaits. A 10:30 meeting awaits. ...that bed thing might just happen.

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