Thursday, June 18, 2009

Work and Pleasure

I love my job here.

I love writing. Interviewing. Finding ways of capturing people in words and conveying what they're passionate about or afraid of, or what makes them think in the middle of the night, eyes shut but brain rushing, or what happens when they wake up at 4:30am and are they tired? Do they spring out of bed to design? Do they curl beneath the covers or hop into the shower?

I love writing. 
We also go to tons of events as part of ABODE. The first shot is Kath and I at the Dominica Vaca opening, where I saw bags made of all the animals I don't eat. They were just beautifully crafted, but sort of horrible in their own right. Lisa, recognize my undershirt in that pic? Oh yes, rocking the 80s! 

The second pic is of the ABODE staff (Sans Deliah and Fawzi) at a tower opening. I found fruit. See my smile? I was happy. Fruit + Nae = YES!

Today is Thursday, as in Doha Friday, so I'm in an extra-lively mood. Kath and I are about to pop out and visit a cute-stuff-for-cheap-prices store on Salwa for Retail Therapy (an actual section in ABODE). We're going swimming tonight (OCEAN!) and swimming tomorrow (OCEAN!) with a food-coma brunch in between (OCEAN!FOOD!OCEAN!)


I think I'm addicted to Tabbouleh. Mmmm. And delish Indian food. Melons. Red bull (blame Kath). Ocean. Writing. God, things can't get any better.

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